borderland_man (borderland_man) wrote in whatisgay,

the thunderbolt; and the rollercoaster ride begins

When I met Jay he was 16 and I was 20. It was a thunderbolt moment.

I'm helping my younger brother build the set for a play at a community theater he works with, and I have to move a sofa to a corner of the stage. I'm at one end of the sofa, and this guy I've never met comes up to the other end, we bend our knees to lift, and as we pick it up our eyes meet.

And we stand there, kind of stunned. A thunderbolt moment. He's got hazel eyes, and he's wearing a baby blue T-shirt so his eyes just glow, and me, well, I'm just a regular guy, but he sees something.

We get a reality check from the director, who wants the sofa moved now, so we move it and set it down.

I walk over to his end. "Hey, I'm Vince," I say, and hold out my hand, which he shakes. "I'm Jay," he says.

And it's almost a year until I talk to him again.

* * * * *

I'll be recording the story of Jay and I here. Years pass; he never fades from my mind, but I want to get it all down because being with him changed me so much, brought me from the mopey guy I was into a world of bright skies and beautiful days.

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