fitzwilliamlogo (fitzwilliamlogo) wrote in whatisgay,

A gay awards show. You should vote.

 MTV's LGBT channel, Logo, is proud to announce their NewNowNext awards!  It is all about gay pop-culture.  Check it out and vote for your favorites in tv, books, films and more!  Finally somewhere for us to express our favorites  :)

Make sure to tune in also, details are on the site!
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this forum is for gays who DON'T fit in. Take your "gay pop-culture" trash elsewhere.
ummm i didnt think it was for people that are RUDE. geez.
i'm being rude because you're spamming.

i think it's NOT be hard to find other gay-related communities on LJ that are interested about Palm Springs and gay pop culture. This is for ppl who don't feel they fit in, for ppl who want to evolve beyond or never identified with that that typical cookie-cutter gay image in the first place.