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A Community For Homosexuals Who Don't "Fit In"
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This is a community that hopes to focus on discussing issues within and around the homosexual community - especially with those homosexuals that don't feel like they fit in with a "straight" world or a "gay" world.

Possible topics could range from: "Is 'Pride' really something to be proud about?" to "Why don't I feel I belong like most of the other gay people I know?"

In essence, this community should be one of openness and debate - but should never become a flame war or a place to put others down.

Please Join (This Is An Open Community) if you would like to discuss how you feel as a homosexual - especially if you don't feel you "belong."

January 2005 Update Please, no advertising or spamming the community with gay or lesbian off site "purchase here" links. This forum is meant for discussion of being homosexual and how some of us don't fit in to any preconceived molds. I, the moderator, have been absent at this for quite some time - but I will watch this situation from this point on.